Campus Life & Events

Lamp Lightning Day
  • On Deepawali

Illuminate the path of knowledge and inspiration! Join us for a symbolic Lamp Lighting Day at Athena Group Of Institutions, where we ignite the flames of learning and enlightenment.

Annual Day
  • On December

Get ready for a night of glitz, glamour, and celebration! Join us at [Institution's Name] as we showcase talent, creativity, and achievements at our much-awaited Annual Day extravaganza.

Republic Day
  • JAN 26th

Salute the spirit of unity, diversity, and patriotism! Join us in commemorating the founding principles of our nation on Republic Day at [Institution's Name], with pride and honor.

Sports Day
  • NOV 14th

Gear up for a day of adrenaline-pumping action and teamwork! Join us at Athena Group Of Institutions for our exhilarating Sports Day event, where champions are born and spirits soar.

Christmas Day
  • DEC 25th

Embrace the spirit of giving, joy, and togetherness! Join us in celebrating the magic of Christmas at Athena Group Of Institutions, spreading warmth and goodwill to all.

Holi Fest
  • On March

Dive into a riot of colors and festivities! Join us for a vibrant Holi Fest at Athena Group Of Institutions, where laughter, music, and merriment paint the canvas of joy.

Women's Day
  • MARCH 8th

Empowerment, equality, and celebration! Join us as we honor the strength and achievements of women at Athena Group Of Institutions on International Women's Day, advocating for gender parity and inclusivity.

World Organ Day
  • AUG 13th

Join us in raising awareness and support for organ donation! Together, let's celebrate the gift of life on World Organ Day at Athena Group Of Institutions, promoting organ donation and transplantation for a healthier world.