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I take great pleasure in extending a very warm welcome on behalf of the Athena Group of Institutions to the new aspirants seeking admission to this institute for embarking on their careers in nursing. As we begin this academic year, full of hope and dreams of reaching new heights, I wish to reiterate how important it is to bear a few things in mind. Parents should remember that children shouldn't be coerced into achieving whatever goals they may have in mind; instead, they should be encouraged to do so in a simple and enjoyable way so that we can see the unique genius in each child. The goal of education is to instill in students the ability to reason through problems and to think critically. Students should always remember how crucial it is to organize, prioritize, and spend their time efficiently in order to succeed. With knowledgeable, committed teachers and advanced infrastructure, our Institute supports students in achieving their life goals. We have clearly stated our vision, mission and values, and we will work to use the available infrastructure and intellectual capital to achieve these objectives.

Our goal will be to provide nurses with a solid educational curriculum that will enable them to address the community's fundamental healthcare requirements as well as the needs of institutions and patients. Being conscious of the changing needs of society, we will place a strong emphasis on providing education and training to students beyond the prescribed syllabus in order to help them become good human beings as well as professionals. The curriculum will be adaptable enough to keep up with changes that occasionally occur in the nursing and patient care fields. However, I also urge all students to make use of the Institute's potential and participate in all of the available extracurricular activities. At Athena, we live and work together as a family and our positive and engaging learning environment will hopefully make your time with us more enjoyable, productive, and memorable.



Greetings from the Athena Group of Institutions!
In the competitive era, success belongs only to those who are able to establish a solid foundation & have in-depth knowledge & understanding of their professional field. We believe that learning is a lifelong process and we’ve been practicing it by making education easy and accessible to all the students at our Institute. Keeping in mind the requirements of society, we impart not only quality education but also train our students beyond academics to make them a technocrat with good human values & professional ethics. I welcome you to be a part of this amazing experience & magnificent campus. With world-class infrastructure, global standards curriculum and technological advancements, we aim to prepare the professional nursing students here with a difference. Our curriculum is designed to enlighten students with knowledge and nurture them with compassion so that they can grow up into responsible professionals. The faculty members at our Institute follow the policy of “Practice What You Preach” which imparts the message of care, kindness and compassion to the students towards society.

Our Institute has a healthy, harmonious, amiable ambience and plays a cascading role with diligence, devotion, and dedication to bring forth the upliftment of students and relentlessly strives hard to maintain academic excellence and professional standards. The Athena Group of Institutions is a family, not a team, that strives to develop technologically advanced, socially conscious professionals who will zealously and willingly serve human society. I have a strong belief that the graduates of this prestigious institution will uphold the rich principles and characteristics instilled here. I send my best wishes to everyone for future academic and professional achievement at greater heights.



Thank you for considering the Athena Group of Institutions.
My warm greetings to all students for a very successful and thriving career!
I am proud to lead an institution whose unique strengths have been the integration of academic excellence and professional learning. More importantly, I am pretty sure that you will consider it an honour to be part of this prestigious and academically rich Institute. Students come to us with lots of hope for getting better education facilities and also they have a desire to serve the world with their knowledge, intellect and their experience. We do our best not to disappoint them and provide them with better education facilities so that they gain experience and can be confident enough to serve people and society. We try to fulfil our student’s desire for knowledge to complete their academic session’s grades with flying colors and to make their dream of better education/experience getting satisfied. So, to be successful, interested, and focused, it is your equal duty to contribute to the Institute & community in a positive way through your hard work.

The Athena Group of Institutions instils in its students a passion for education and a desire to succeed, giving them the uniqueness they need to have a good influence on the world. Our Institute's supportive, fun, intellectually stimulating, and energizing environment encourages the leadership abilities and creativity necessary for the growth of a flexible personality. We hope you will explore our program, review our curriculum and clinical rotations and recognize that the program was developed with you in mind. Our aim is to support your educational development and create a challenging and supportive program to best prepare you for professional opportunities.
I look forward to meeting you!



Welcome to the Athena Group of Institutions!
Being the noblest of all professions and due to an enormous demand globally, nursing is a highly rewarding career in numerous ways. The Athena Group of Institutions has developed a unique learning environment and infrastructure that can deliver an education of truly global standards. Backed with great potential, our Institute's doors are open to all who believe in high-quality education and the difference it can make. I would like to take this chance to welcome you to our Institute and wish you luck. We offer top-notch medical education that enables students to explore new horizons in the medical field and generously contributes to the development of a healthy India. Our goal is to identify and develop students' potential through extensive academic programs of international standards. The Institute is renowned for providing high-quality education through its cutting-edge facilities and experienced faculty. So, if you are a serious aspirant for a degree and career that may command value and prestige in the healthcare industry, our Institute is surely the place for you.

We have given our students the best environment to develop their personalities and rack up a long list of academic and extracurricular accomplishments through hand-selected faculty, excellent physical infrastructure, and effective teaching pedagogies based on the principles of the modern nursing education system. With all the guidance provided to them by the knowledgeable and experienced professors at the Athena Group of Institutions, along with first-rate facilities, I'm confident that the students will prove to be invaluable resources for any organization. Again, I extend a warm welcome to you to the Athena Group of Institutions and assure you of an unforgettable educational experience.


Chairman (Abhayahasta Multispeciality Hospital)

“Abhayahasta – where healing begins, where healing, compassion, teaching and discovery come together – a cornerstone of excellent healthcare.” This hospital has been my dream, which has come through after a lot of hard work and effort, from all those involved in it since its inception. At Abhayahasta, we believe in doctor – driven wellness, care management and leading by example.

We assure you complete care and recovery through compassion, innovation and trust. Our services caters to all class of people irrespective of the social and financial background.

We believe in harnessing the power of innovation to continuously improve and advance healthcare delivery. Through ongoing research and collaboration with leading medical experts, we strive to stay at the forefront of medical advancements and offer our patients the most effective and cutting-edge treatments available.

In addition to our commitment to clinical excellence, we also prioritize community outreach and education.

Our hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care. From advanced diagnostic tools to innovative treatment modalities, we spare no effort in providing comprehensive and personalized healthcare solutions.

In addition to our medical services, we also offer a range of supportive services to enhance the overall well-being of our patients. From nutritional counseling to mental health support, we believe in addressing the holistic needs of our patients to promote healing and recovery on all levels.

Moreover, we are proud to be an inclusive healthcare provider that serves individuals from all walks of life. Regardless of your social or financial background, you can trust Abhayahasta to provide you with dignified and compassionate care that is tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.



Greetings of peace to all of you and a hearty welcome to the Athena Group of Institutions!
Nursing is a career that requires commitment, altruism, perseverance, and patience so that nurses can assist the needy with utmost passion and be a cause in their overall wellness. Here, at the Athena Group of Institutions, the students receive the best training possible by the highly qualified and experienced faculty - with the best resources possible.

We offer a curriculum that improves students' knowledge, abilities, and attitudes so they can function as qualified nursing professionals in today's fiercely competitive and health-conscious society. If nursing is your goal, the Athena Group of Institutions can be the path to an amazing career.

Our institution also encourages a culture of compassion, empathy, and cultural sensitivity among our students. We believe in instilling ethical values and a strong sense of responsibility towards patient care, promoting dignity and respect for all individuals irrespective of their background or beliefs.

Furthermore, we provide extensive support services to our students, including career counseling, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities to help them transition smooth

At the Athena Group of Institutions, we believe in fostering a holistic approach to nursing education. Our curriculum not only focuses on theoretical knowledge but also emphasizes practical skills through hands-on training and clinical experience. We provide state-of-the-art facilities and simulation labs that mirror real-life healthcare settings, allowing students to develop critical thinking and decision-making abilities in a safe environment.

Moreover, we recognize the importance of continuous learning and professional development in the field of nursing. Therefore, we offer various opportunities for students to engage in ongoing education, workshops, seminars, and conferences, ensuring they stay updated with the latest advancements in healthcare practices and technologies.

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Our institution has Accreditation & Recognition with Karnataka State Nursing Council, Indian Nursing Council, Karnataka Government & Pharmacy Council Of India.

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